Unique gastronomic experience in Can Dalemus

In Can Dalemus we offer you the opportunity to participate in different tasting workshops of the best local and international products, led by Xavier Bassa, Professor of Tasting Courses, Sommelier and Higher Technician in Oenology and Viticulture, 3rd position in the contest of Nariz de Oro 2004 of Spain and best sommelier of Catalonia in the semifinal of Nariz de Oro 2012.


The workshops


Initiation to wine tasting
We will begin with a theoretical presentation in PowerPoint format, where we will discuss what tools we have at the time of tasting a wine and its influence on the tasting.
Explanation of the tasting: we will discuss vision, visual analysis, color; smell, the nasal direct route and the retronasal route; the taste We will explain the morphology of the tongue: sweet, salty, acidic, bitter, umami.
Operation of the cup. Methodology of tasting.
And finished the theory we will go to the practical part of the wine tasting, where 2 white wines, 2 blacks and 1 cava will be tried; You can also make your tasting: only white, red, sweet, sparkling wines, etc.
Workshop of gintonics
We will start the workshop with a brief introduction to the elaboration of the gin (process, ingredients, classification, etc.).
Next, a demonstration of the steps to develop a gintonic will be done and the student will go on to do the first gintonic following these steps.
Each student will have all the necessary material: ice, fruits, glasses, tweezers, junipers, tonics … and will elaborate four different gintonics.
Catalan Artisan Cheese Tasting married with wines
We will begin with a brief introduction to the production of cheese in PowerPoint (process, ingredients, type, classification, etc.).
We will talk about the different types of milk to make cheeses: cow, goat, sheep and buffalo milk. Cheese types: fresh, raw or pasteurized milk, soft paste, fleshy skin, semi-cured (washed skin, pressed, brushed crust), blubber, flavored. And of his marinades and gastronomic options.
Tasting of Catalan and international craft beers
We will start with a brief theoretical presentation on PowerPoint on the brewing and the three great types: Ale, Lager and Lambic, and their different styles around the world.
Next, there will be a tasting of beers, which can be Catalan craft beers or another option with international beers.
In each session, 7 different beers will be tested.Find out about Can Dalemus

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